Chinese Herbal Medicine


The use of Chinese herbs as medicine has the same long history as acupuncture does. Chinese “herbs” are actually comprised of plant, animal and mineral substances. Today in China there are literally thousands of substances used for medicinal purposes, although most herbalists in this country utilize several hundred different substances. Chinese herbs are classified according to their taste, their energetic qualities, their effects on specific organ systems, their affinities for certain areas of the body and their overall functions in the body. No other system of herbal medicine has as complete and comprehensive a classification scheme as Chinese herbal medicine.

for You

Your initial consultation for Chinese herbs will involve a thorough discussion of your health history and other pertinent information. We will feel your radial pulses and ask to look at your tongue. These examinations are used to gather important diagnostic information which will then be used, along with your presenting symptoms, to create a customized prescription for you which will consist of roughly 10 to 20 different herbs. Follow-up visits will consist of a short conversation about how you are doing, along with re-checking tongue and pulse. All of this will help the practitioner to see if anything has changed and to determine if the formula needs to be modified.

Chinese herbs are powerful medicine.

Just because something is natural does not mean it is always safe. Herbs must be prescribed appropriately for each individual based on their own personal health history. Chinese herbal medicine can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions including digestive problems, gynecological issues, respiratory conditions, fatigue and insomnia. Side effects are rare and our practitioners are trained to be aware of potential interactions with prescription medications.


We only do business with reliable suppliers of herbal medicine who use strict quality control measures to ensure that their products are safe. You can be confident that you are getting high quality, unadulterated herbs.